Quiche in the Country: The Perfect Brunch


Over the weekend I was invited to spend the night at a friend’s place outside the city.  As much as I love living in the city, I always jump at the opportunity to get up north whenever I can.

In return for the hospitality, I offered to make brunch, which is one of the few meals I can confidently prepare.

Throughout the work week, I’m always hurrying through breakfast, usually downing a smoothie just before running out the door. In contrast, weekend brunches always feels like such a luxury; taking the time to prepare something delicious and enjoying it with friends.

I opted to make a quiche, knowing our time there was limited, I was able to prepare it beforehand at home.  I worked from this recipe, making a few adjustments as I went.

Quiche in the Country

A good brunch always has several components, so I also prepared some lemon kale, maple beans and roasted potatoes to go with it.

Also essential to any brunch is a good Irish Coffee, I’ll share my recipe for this in a future post!


Glorious Gnocchi

I’m still adjusting to daylight savings.  While I love waking up to the sun in the morning, I can’t seem to get used to leaving work each night in darkness. As the temperature drops, I find myself craving more comfort food.  One of my absolute favorite comfort foods is gnocchi; it’s potatoes, it’s pasta, how could you go wrong?

This recipe has become a favorite at our house.  It is incredibly rich, creamy and delicious. The combination of sage and butter gives it just the right flavor and smells incredible. It also has squash and kale in it so it’s good for you too!



For some reason it tastes much better when my boyfriend makes it.  It’s possible that he takes some liberties with the butter measurements, or maybe food just tastes better when someone else makes it.  Either way it’s a great recipe! Always a crowd pleaser.