Custom Manicure Money Card

For my grandmother’s birthday, we treated her to manicure/pedicure.  Her usual spot didn’t have gift cards available, so I created this card:

Cleaver Manicure Money CardI wish I’d taken a better photo, but the hand is cutout and stays in place when you open it. I taped the money and hand in place to keep it all together.

I decorated the nails with glitter and used sparkly stickers for the stones on the ring.

Hope this serves as inspiration for the manicure enthusiast on your list!


Peek-a-Boo: Card Re-Model


I love cards.  On more then one occasion, I have found myself spontaneously buying packages of Thank You cards for no particular reason. These lovely gold and white cards found their way into my shopping basket at Target a few months ago.

I decided to re-model a few of these cards to make them more birthday appropriate.  Using a scrap-booking blade (purchased from the dollar-store) I removed the word ‘thank you’ from the covers of the card and added the new ‘happy birthday’ message on the inside, peeking through the window.


I really like the way they came out! I will definitely use this trick again.

Unconventional Card

Tonight I will be celebrating the marriage of one of my favorite couples!  They eloped over the summer in Las Vegas and are marking the occasion with a cocktail party.  This unique couple deserves a unique card so I made this one for them:


I used the cap of a marker and an ink pad to get the circles just right.


My office will be covered in glitter for weeks to come I’m sure…


Here’s the final product! Time to go get ready.