Getting a Jump on Resolutions: Fitness

Just a few of the basic exercises scientists say can be done quickly for maximum affect. But be prepared -  your muscles may yell uncle.

With my holiday to Mexico rapidly approaching, I’ve bumped my fitness routine up a notch.  Here are some of the things that are helping me stay motivated at the gym!

I’ve added The Seven Minute Workout to my regular workout routine with the help of this app.

My favorite workout playlist includes Girl Talk, “All Day” and “Feed The Animals” both are mashup albums that will definitely get you moving. Songza also has plenty of playlists that are perfect for working out to, right now I’m loving their 90’s Jock Jams playlist

When it comes to workout wear, Lululemon is my favorite, the quality is amazing and it lasts forever, but Joe Fresh offers lot’s of good stuff for a lot less.

At this time of year all I want to do is hibernate so forcing myself to the gym is a bit of a feat, but knowing that I’ll be in a bathing suit in a week is helping me stay on track!


Links to Peruse to Cure the Monday Blues: December 16th, 2013


This weekend Toronto got snow -and a lot of it! Everything looks so beautiful and Christmas-y, but it sure is coooold.  With less than 10 days until Christmas the countdown is really on!

Here are some of my favorite links from this past week:

Check out the incredible things this artist does, using snow as his canvas (

The 2013 youtube Rewind -I’m still trying to figure out who most of these people are… (

These historical celebrity look alikes are pretty cool (

This guide to the movies you missed in 2013 will be handy next time I don’t know what to watch (

How to wrap a cat for Christmas  (

The incredible scenes this artist creates in her studio will amaze you (

The creepiest things kids said…is also kind of funny…but mostly really creepy (buzzfeed)

A Russian snowboarding crow (

Who knew Kristen Bell had so many awesome tats? (

Makeup Mania

Tomorrow I’ve got a photo session to update my actor headshots.  In an effort to save money, rather than hiring a makeup artist, I’ve opted to do my own makeup for the shoot.

I used up all my points at Shoppers Drugmart and picked up some new stuff!


In preparation, I’ve been watching hundreds of minutes worth of youtube videos to perfect my skills. So far I’ve learned that there are a million different makeup brushes and a lot of conflicting information about how things should be done.  I’ve also learned that make up videos are kind of hypnotic.  Here are some of the tutorial videos that proved to be most helpful (and mesmerizing):

For Eye Makeup:

For Natural Makeup: I love all the pixiwoo videos- they get bonus points for being British and having great accents. But be warned these videos are a bit addictive, so many looks!

A full Makeup Lesson from Bobby Brown:

I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but I love to play! lots of experiments ahead.


Here’s a sneak peek from Saturday’s photo shoot with Denise Grant (who is absolutely lovely by the way!)


Gift Idea: Mega Movie Mix

When it comes to movie snack food there are 3 main food groups: popcorn, chocolate and candy.


The combo of the flavors and textures of popcorn, Peanut M&M’s and Sour Patch Kids is pretty much the best.  If you haven’t tried it, you probably should.

So here’s a gift idea that’s perfect for teachers, neighbors or co-workers, it’s inexpensive, easy to put together and amazingly tasty! The perfect pairing for any Christmas movie marathon.


I mixed up a batch and packaged it up in cellophane bags from the trusty dollar store. Add decorations and a hang tag and voila! The perfect gift to keep on hand!

Links to Peruse to Cure the Monday Blues: December 8th, 2013


One of my favorite teas is Yogi Tea’s Egyptian Licorice Mint, it’s caffeine free (always good to have one of those kicking around) and each tea bag offers words of wisdom to help get your day off to a good start.

Speaking of getting off to a good start, here are some of my favorite links of the week to brighten your Monday!

These pictures really help put planetary sizes into perspective.. Whoa! (

Incredible silhouettes created from heaps of trash (

This craigslist ad for a used yoga mat made me laugh! (

A father’s reaction to his daughter’s impossible Christmas wish list (

A funny collection of gifs of animals being jerks (

Another collection of gifs of the greatest dogs (

A Disney artist Imagines Wicked as an animated film (

Holiday Gift Guide- For Him


My boyfriend and I have agreed that we won’t be doing presents for each other this year since we are taking a trip to Mexico!!! It’s going to be nice to avoid the chaos of shopping at this time of year, but I have to admit that after rounding up this list of gift ideas, I’m feeling tempted to break our agreement!

1. This after shave smells so good that it’s a gift for everyone!

2. I love this stylish USB key

3. This espresso maker is the perfect gift for the coffee lover on your list

4. This wallet is simple, durable and looks pretty nice too!

5. Maybe he’d be more inclined to carry an umbrella if it had a sword handle!

6. Nothing’s cozier on Christmas Eve then a fresh pair of flannel pajamas

7. Everyone loves new socks, especially fun ones like these

Links to Peruse to Cure the Monday Blues: December 2nd, 2013


Happy Monday! Well, It’s officially December, I am counting down the days to Christmas (and my trip to Mexico!)

Here are a few links to help pass the time:

An incredible time lapse of an epic graffiti art marathon (

Some bizarre (and awesome) interior design choices (

This dog has an incredible amount of self control (

The very awesome project that is the cause of my long-distance relationship (My boyfriend is one of the Animators!) (

I LOVE this dad and kid art collaboration (

A list of useful life-hacks (

Interesting article about the sleep patterns or our ancestors (