Places I’ve Been: Maui

I can’t believe that it’s already been 6 years since my boyfriend surprised me with the most insane Christmas gift ever -a trip to Hawaii! When I opened the box with a swim suit inside I wasn’t expecting to find an itinerary for a flight leaving in 10 days underneath.

Hawaii 1

It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. Maui, may very possibly be, the most beautiful place on earth.

Some of the trip highlights included surfing in Lahaina with some help from the instructors at the Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy


Snorkeling in the Molokini Crater (I have to admit I was so nervous I hardly slept the night before) but it was incredible! So much to see.

A catamaran took us out into, what seemed like, the middle of the ocean and since the boat can’t get to close to the crater, you have to swim in! Once you get there and you have your mask on, it isn’t too scary at all.

We saw so many bottle nosed dolphins and a whale (I can’t remember which kind) on the way out. It was pretty incredible.


We splurged and spent one night at the Sheraton Maui Resort on Kaanapali Beach. It was pure luxury! Upon arrival we were greeted with real floral leis and the balcony of our room opened out onto a view of the beach.

Hawaii 2

It was such a wonderful trip! so nice to re-live it by putting together this post.

Makes me extra excited for my upcoming trip to Mexico!


Places I’ve Been: Seattle


Over the summer, during a visit to Portland, my Boyfriend and I headed North for a night in Seattle to visit my childhood BFF and her BF who came down from Vancouver, BC to meet us. We had a great day catching up over lunch then strolling through the market and taking in the sites.

IMG_4221Lots of awesome stuff at this place, including stacks of vintage Playboys; always a funny gift to give if you can find a Playboy from someones birth year and month.

IMG_4230 This clothes-line was strung up in the alley and the light was hitting it in such a beautiful way.


In the evening we had dinner at The Pink Door, and took in a burlesque cabaret.  The restaurant is located in an alley and has no sign (just a pink door as the name implies).

It was pretty entertaining and the food was great! I was a little concerned when I realized the place was jam-packed with bachelorette parties, but we had a great time. I’m in love with the vintage glasses they served their cocktails in.



In the morning we hit the market again where I picked up this bouquet for $5.  I still can’t get over it.  There were 6 peonies in this bouquet and it was $5…  If I lived in Seattle I would have fresh flowers all the time. (fresh flowers are so expensive in Toronto)



We also picked up this enormous piece of salmon and had it packed on ice for the trip back to Portland where we foolishly attempted to eat the entire thing ourselves.  We managed to come shockingly close actually…  That’s Dijon mustard on the salmon (delicious!)

I really like Seattle, it’s a very cool place.  The market was a bit insane with it being a weekend in the summer, but we had a blast and it was so great to see my childhood besty -after all these years we still pick up right where we left off.

Places I’ve Been: Sisters Oregon



About 3 hours away from Portland OR, Sisters is one of the best places I’ve ever visited!

We stayed at Five Pine Lodge, a charming resort. Our little cabin in the woods was cozy and rustic, but it had all the luxuries of a high-end hotel room.


On the resort’s campus there’s lots to do; with a salt water pool, a spa, a movie house, a brewery and an athletic club.

They have a daily happy hour where guests are invited to the main lodge for a free tastings of beer and wine that are produced on site.


The resort also offers free bike rentals so guests can check out the various shops and restaurants in the town. When I asked the concierge if they had locks for the bikes, she responded with “oh no, everyone in town knows the bikes belong to the hotel.” I love that.  We quickly extended our stay from one night to two.



We dined at a tiny little restaurant in town called Jen’s Garden which is located in a little cottage.  It was excellent and everyone we encountered on our entire trip was incredibly friendly.


One of my favorite nights was a night spent in our cabin watching a DVD of Dirty Dancing (borrowed from the lodge) while sipping wine and working on a puzzle. (I love a good puzzle!)


I hope to return one day. It was one of the most peaceful and unexpected places I’ve ever visited. And the drive there from Portland was spectacular- so incredibly beautiful.

Body Blitz Bliss!

I’m still feeling a relaxation buzz after an amazing afternoon spent at the spa.  My sister organized a ladies outing to the Toronto spa Body Blitz where the two of us, along with two of our cousins, soaked up some spa bliss.


The spa is known for “The Waters”, a circuit of pools and sauna/steam rooms designed to detoxify the body.  Other than the cold plunge pool, the entire experience is extremely pleasant!  They have a menu of juices, teas and shakes that you can pre-order and sip poolside. I ordered the Iced Chai Shake, which is amazing, that drink alone is reason enough to go back!


I had a Sweet Ginger + Milk Body Glo treatment.  I didn’t really know what the treatment entailed, but it involved being scrubbed down with various body scrubs, coated in warm milk and then massaged with oil.  My description might not make it sound too appealing, but it was really lovely and my skin has never been softer!

A perfect afternoon with some of my favorite people. I can’t wait to go back!

Places I’ve been: Cannon Beach


Here are some highlights from a Trip to Cannon Beach that my boyfriend and I took this past spring.  The beaches are so beautiful and rugged.  It was really windy so we picked up a kite at a shop near the beach, after we’d had our fill of kite-flying we stopped in at the Cannon Beach Distillery for some spirit tasting and left with a bottle of the Peters’ Family Gin.  We capped off the day watching the sunset while roasting marshmallows over a bonfire.

The next morning we woke up early and decided to go for a walk on the beach.  It was deserted and rainy with a beautiful sunrise.

Definitely a spot worth visiting.