Custom Manicure Money Card

For my grandmother’s birthday, we treated her to manicure/pedicure.  Her usual spot didn’t have gift cards available, so I created this card:

Cleaver Manicure Money CardI wish I’d taken a better photo, but the hand is cutout and stays in place when you open it. I taped the money and hand in place to keep it all together.

I decorated the nails with glitter and used sparkly stickers for the stones on the ring.

Hope this serves as inspiration for the manicure enthusiast on your list!


Skyline Throw-Pillow


I made this Toronto skyline throw pillow for my boyfriend to take with him to Portland (where he’s currently living for work) to help remind him of home.

First I used a pencil to mark out the sky-line (I used a photo for reference) then I used a stiff, flat paintbrush to apply the black fabric paint.  It took a couple layers to make the lines nice and solid since the fabric has some texture to it.

I’d like to do some more experimenting with this kind of thing!

Peek-a-Boo: Card Re-Model


I love cards.  On more then one occasion, I have found myself spontaneously buying packages of Thank You cards for no particular reason. These lovely gold and white cards found their way into my shopping basket at Target a few months ago.

I decided to re-model a few of these cards to make them more birthday appropriate.  Using a scrap-booking blade (purchased from the dollar-store) I removed the word ‘thank you’ from the covers of the card and added the new ‘happy birthday’ message on the inside, peeking through the window.


I really like the way they came out! I will definitely use this trick again.

Home Improvements: Plate Wall

Home Improvements: Plate Wall

I’ve been collecting plates for several years now, with the intention of eventually one day creating a plate wall. I finally found some adjustable plate hangers at Pier 1 and figured out how to drill into a brick wall (not as hard as I thought, hint: drill into the mortar) and ta-da!!! I now have a plate wall!

I’ll continue to add new plates as I collect them. These ones were gathered from Anthropologie, West Elm, China Town and vintage stores.

Chair Makeover

There’s nothing I love better than a good before and after.  I will gladly sit though 25 minutes of forced storyline and fake conflicts on an HGTV/TLC/(insert any network here) show just to see the final results.

When I saw these chairs curbside, I knew that what they needed, even more than a landfill, was a makeover.

ImageClearly their seats were pretty beat up, but I really liked their kidney bean shaped back rests, and they are surprisingly comfortable.

I knew I wanted to use these chairs for outdoor seating, so I began a hunt for vinyl in cute patterns.  My search quickly uncovered an unfortunate truth, which was that vinyl in cute patterns is not commonly available, and if it is, it costs more than I’m willing to spend.

This was when I turned to plan B:  pick out any fabric I want, then cover it over with inexpensive clear vinyl!

ImageI picked out 3 different fabrics that all shared the same shade of spring green and used a staple gun to secure the fabric in place. I added the vinyl over top and made sure that the vinyl layer fully overlapped the fabric layer for maximum waterproofing.

Always great to have more outdoor seating, goes to show that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure!