Long-Distance Dinner Date

Long-Distance Dinner Date

My fiance and I couldn’t be together this Valentine’s Day since he’s away for work (only 18 more days until he moves back! -but who’s counting…)

I can hardly wait for him to return, although I must say, we’ve gotten pretty good at long-distance dating.

For Valentine’s day we decided to do dinner and a movie. We ordered each other dinner and had it delivered (I got him pizza, he got me Thai food) Then we both downloaded the same movie and watched it together while on gmail video call.

These kinds of date nights have been so important to keeping us close during this extended time apart. Although it’s great to chat on the phone or send texts and emails, there’s something so comforting about just being together and not having to say anything. You don’t get to have a lot of shared experiences when you are living in different time zones, so a movie night is the perfect thing!