Getting a Jump on Resolutions: Fitness

Just a few of the basic exercises scientists say can be done quickly for maximum affect. But be prepared -  your muscles may yell uncle.

With my holiday to Mexico rapidly approaching, I’ve bumped my fitness routine up a notch.  Here are some of the things that are helping me stay motivated at the gym!

I’ve added The Seven Minute Workout to my regular workout routine with the help of this app.

My favorite workout playlist includes Girl Talk, “All Day” and “Feed The Animals” both are mashup albums that will definitely get you moving. Songza also has plenty of playlists that are perfect for working out to, right now I’m loving their 90’s Jock Jams playlist

When it comes to workout wear, Lululemon is my favorite, the quality is amazing and it lasts forever, but Joe Fresh offers lot’s of good stuff for a lot less.

At this time of year all I want to do is hibernate so forcing myself to the gym is a bit of a feat, but knowing that I’ll be in a bathing suit in a week is helping me stay on track!


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