Links to Peruse to Cure the Monday Blues: December 16th, 2013


This weekend Toronto got snow -and a lot of it! Everything looks so beautiful and Christmas-y, but it sure is coooold.  With less than 10 days until Christmas the countdown is really on!

Here are some of my favorite links from this past week:

Check out the incredible things this artist does, using snow as his canvas (

The 2013 youtube Rewind -I’m still trying to figure out who most of these people are… (

These historical celebrity look alikes are pretty cool (

This guide to the movies you missed in 2013 will be handy next time I don’t know what to watch (

How to wrap a cat for Christmas  (

The incredible scenes this artist creates in her studio will amaze you (

The creepiest things kids said…is also kind of funny…but mostly really creepy (buzzfeed)

A Russian snowboarding crow (

Who knew Kristen Bell had so many awesome tats? (


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