Makeup Mania

Tomorrow I’ve got a photo session to update my actor headshots.  In an effort to save money, rather than hiring a makeup artist, I’ve opted to do my own makeup for the shoot.

I used up all my points at Shoppers Drugmart and picked up some new stuff!


In preparation, I’ve been watching hundreds of minutes worth of youtube videos to perfect my skills. So far I’ve learned that there are a million different makeup brushes and a lot of conflicting information about how things should be done.  I’ve also learned that make up videos are kind of hypnotic.  Here are some of the tutorial videos that proved to be most helpful (and mesmerizing):

For Eye Makeup:

For Natural Makeup: I love all the pixiwoo videos- they get bonus points for being British and having great accents. But be warned these videos are a bit addictive, so many looks!

A full Makeup Lesson from Bobby Brown:

I don’t wear a ton of makeup, but I love to play! lots of experiments ahead.


Here’s a sneak peek from Saturday’s photo shoot with Denise Grant (who is absolutely lovely by the way!)



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