Terrariums: Greenery for Black Thumb’s

Though I love house plants, we don’t have a very good relationship with each other.  I either give them too much attention or not enough… either way the result is usually a dead plant.

When I saw these gorgeous terrariums at Yakuza Lounge in Portland (which is amazing by the way!) I felt inspired to attempt something similar in my home.


I found a hanging terrarium with a similar feel at Chapters Indigo (though they don’t seem to have it anymore)

It’s a pretty shallow container, so I didn’t exactly follow the proper steps (like adding charcoal and a drainage layer)  I just added dirt, a cactus and some moss… and so far so good!


Nice to have a bit of greenery in the house during the winter!I found a similar hanging terrarium here, could make a great xmas gift for the black thumb in your life!


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