Links to Peruse to Cure the Monday Blues: November 26th, 2013


Happy Monday! The weekend flew by, how is it Monday already?! Here are some of the best links from the inter-web this week!

An Incredible Stop-Motion Trip Around The World, created entirely out of photos from Instagram (

Snowflakes Through a Macro Lens- I could stare at this forever! (

Reincarnated Children- some spooky cases of kids who remember past lives (

Harrison Ford Reacts to the Magic of David Blaine (Hilariously) (

How Old Are Your Ears? Take this test (

A Little Inspiration-Ask yourself this question (

R. Kelly Improvising Songs About Random Stuff (

A Puppy and a Toddler Napping Together – doesn’t get any cuter (

Best. Parenting. Ever. (


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