Quiche in the Country: The Perfect Brunch


Over the weekend I was invited to spend the night at a friend’s place outside the city.  As much as I love living in the city, I always jump at the opportunity to get up north whenever I can.

In return for the hospitality, I offered to make brunch, which is one of the few meals I can confidently prepare.

Throughout the work week, I’m always hurrying through breakfast, usually downing a smoothie just before running out the door. In contrast, weekend brunches always feels like such a luxury; taking the time to prepare something delicious and enjoying it with friends.

I opted to make a quiche, knowing our time there was limited, I was able to prepare it beforehand at home.  I worked from this recipe, making a few adjustments as I went.

Quiche in the Country

A good brunch always has several components, so I also prepared some lemon kale, maple beans and roasted potatoes to go with it.

Also essential to any brunch is a good Irish Coffee, I’ll share my recipe for this in a future post!


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