Chair Makeover

There’s nothing I love better than a good before and after.  I will gladly sit though 25 minutes of forced storyline and fake conflicts on an HGTV/TLC/(insert any network here) show just to see the final results.

When I saw these chairs curbside, I knew that what they needed, even more than a landfill, was a makeover.

ImageClearly their seats were pretty beat up, but I really liked their kidney bean shaped back rests, and they are surprisingly comfortable.

I knew I wanted to use these chairs for outdoor seating, so I began a hunt for vinyl in cute patterns.  My search quickly uncovered an unfortunate truth, which was that vinyl in cute patterns is not commonly available, and if it is, it costs more than I’m willing to spend.

This was when I turned to plan B:  pick out any fabric I want, then cover it over with inexpensive clear vinyl!

ImageI picked out 3 different fabrics that all shared the same shade of spring green and used a staple gun to secure the fabric in place. I added the vinyl over top and made sure that the vinyl layer fully overlapped the fabric layer for maximum waterproofing.

Always great to have more outdoor seating, goes to show that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure!


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