Body Blitz Bliss!

I’m still feeling a relaxation buzz after an amazing afternoon spent at the spa.  My sister organized a ladies outing to the Toronto spa Body Blitz where the two of us, along with two of our cousins, soaked up some spa bliss.


The spa is known for “The Waters”, a circuit of pools and sauna/steam rooms designed to detoxify the body.  Other than the cold plunge pool, the entire experience is extremely pleasant!  They have a menu of juices, teas and shakes that you can pre-order and sip poolside. I ordered the Iced Chai Shake, which is amazing, that drink alone is reason enough to go back!


I had a Sweet Ginger + Milk Body Glo treatment.  I didn’t really know what the treatment entailed, but it involved being scrubbed down with various body scrubs, coated in warm milk and then massaged with oil.  My description might not make it sound too appealing, but it was really lovely and my skin has never been softer!

A perfect afternoon with some of my favorite people. I can’t wait to go back!


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