Streetcar Birthday Pub Crawl

In celebration of her 30th birthday, one of my girlfriends organized a birthday pub crawl. But it wasn’t just any pub crawl, she chartered a streetcar to act as our chariot for the evening!!! I’ve never had such a good time on public transit!


We had an absolute blast as we traveled between 4 different pubs.  Complete with tunes and decorations, i think riding around on the streetcar with our group of over 30 people was the best part!


One of the greatest things about a pub crawl is that changing your location constantly helps mix up the crowd.  We had such a great time that we’ve all agreed we should do it annually.

So impressed with this brilliant idea!


DIY: Vase Makeover

IMG_5895I’m in the phase of my life where I’m attending a lot of weddings.  One of the things no one told me about this phase, is that I would receive one billion vases.  I have been very lucky to walk away from many-a-wedding with a beautiful floral center piece (or 3) in hand.  I probably have at least 10 glass vases stashed around the house.

I saw the idea of painting the inside of a glass vase somewhere on internet (I can’t remember where exactly) and decided to give it a try!

Vase Makeover

Very simple! Just gave the inside of the vase a few thick coats, checking to make sure there were no streaks and left it to dry. Tada! Now the vase matches the decor.

Holiday Gift Guide- For Her


This Christmas, my whole family is taking off to Mexico! We’re trading in gift-giving for drinks by the pool and I couldn’t be more excited!

Although I’m not going to be doing much holiday shopping this year, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite things to help inspire those of you looking for ideas

1. This candle is Christmas in candle form

2. I love these “diamond” earrings from Etsy

3. I’m a sucker for a pretty cup and saucer

4. This tea is so delicious! It’s sweet even without sugar

5. I’m loving these tech ready plaid gloves that let you text without freezing your fingers off

6. This is my favorite deodorant, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it because it’s free of harmful chemicals

7. This night shirt is a bit of a splurge, but I love the way it looks! Cozy without being frumpy.

Mega Meal! – Vegetarian Black Bean Chili


When I know I’ve got a busy week ahead, I like to make a mega meal (an enormous pot of something delicious and healthy so I don’t have to think about cooking for the rest of the week)

I got this recipe from my pal Martha (Stewart) here

This is a really simple and delicious recipe, I don’t think you can really go wrong with this one.

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t mind eating the same thing for dinner for days in a row, but if you aren’t that type of person, this meal can be mixed up by adding different cheeses, sour cream, hot sauces etc, or you can wrap it up in a burrito, or serve it over fries or with rice… (you get the idea, it’s versatile)


Links to Peruse to Cure the Monday Blues: November 26th, 2013


Happy Monday! The weekend flew by, how is it Monday already?! Here are some of the best links from the inter-web this week!

An Incredible Stop-Motion Trip Around The World, created entirely out of photos from Instagram (

Snowflakes Through a Macro Lens- I could stare at this forever! (

Reincarnated Children- some spooky cases of kids who remember past lives (

Harrison Ford Reacts to the Magic of David Blaine (Hilariously) (

How Old Are Your Ears? Take this test (

A Little Inspiration-Ask yourself this question (

R. Kelly Improvising Songs About Random Stuff (

A Puppy and a Toddler Napping Together – doesn’t get any cuter (

Best. Parenting. Ever. (

Home Improvements: Picture Frame Rehab


Over the years my boyfriend has collected a whole bunch of old picture frames.  I love them! They are all different shapes and sizes and colours, the only thing they have in common is that none of them have any glass.

IMG_5839I know you can get glass custom cut and fitted to frames, but I just never got around to it…

However, during a recent trip to Ikea, I came up with the idea of using inexpensive poster frame parts to bring new life to our old frames.

Frame RehabI measured my frame, then cut the cardboard and plastic from the poster frame to size using an x acto knife.  It’s key to use a ruler when cutting to keep lines straight. Also, be sure to score the plastic layer a couple times before attempting to cut through it, it’s pretty delicate and might crack if you’re not careful.

IMG_5949If you get the size just right, the cardboard will be able to stay in place on it’s own, but you could also use some small finishing nails to keep it in place.

So glad to finally make use of the frames and to put some of Mike’s life drawings on display!  One of the benefits of using the plastic instead of glass is that it’s light weight!

IMG_5850Here’s my finished picture ledge!

Places I’ve Been: Seattle


Over the summer, during a visit to Portland, my Boyfriend and I headed North for a night in Seattle to visit my childhood BFF and her BF who came down from Vancouver, BC to meet us. We had a great day catching up over lunch then strolling through the market and taking in the sites.

IMG_4221Lots of awesome stuff at this place, including stacks of vintage Playboys; always a funny gift to give if you can find a Playboy from someones birth year and month.

IMG_4230 This clothes-line was strung up in the alley and the light was hitting it in such a beautiful way.


In the evening we had dinner at The Pink Door, and took in a burlesque cabaret.  The restaurant is located in an alley and has no sign (just a pink door as the name implies).

It was pretty entertaining and the food was great! I was a little concerned when I realized the place was jam-packed with bachelorette parties, but we had a great time. I’m in love with the vintage glasses they served their cocktails in.



In the morning we hit the market again where I picked up this bouquet for $5.  I still can’t get over it.  There were 6 peonies in this bouquet and it was $5…  If I lived in Seattle I would have fresh flowers all the time. (fresh flowers are so expensive in Toronto)



We also picked up this enormous piece of salmon and had it packed on ice for the trip back to Portland where we foolishly attempted to eat the entire thing ourselves.  We managed to come shockingly close actually…  That’s Dijon mustard on the salmon (delicious!)

I really like Seattle, it’s a very cool place.  The market was a bit insane with it being a weekend in the summer, but we had a blast and it was so great to see my childhood besty -after all these years we still pick up right where we left off.