Life Illuminated

There are some tough parts about being in a long-distance relationship that are obvious and there are others that are not so obvious.  One of the latter inconveniences presented itself recently when I realized that there were several dead bulbs in the track lighting. Usually my boyfriend would handle this kind of thing and I’m embarrassed to admit that I, myself didn’t actually know how to do it…

To be clear I’m not talking about your run of the mill bulb here, I’m talking about halogen bulbs which are much trickier to change.

I’m proud to say that I figured it out and the house is feeling much brighter (which makes it feel cleaner actually… Bonus!)

So first thing’s first – make sure the light is switched off! (this is important if you don’t want to electrocute yourself)


Once you’ve removed the metal ring that holds the bulb in place, the bulb may pop right out, this was not the case for me… I read a suggestion somewhere on google to insert a drinking straw between the bulb and the fixture and and sweep around the circumference of the bulb to loosen it.  This did the trick and I was able to pull the bulb and socket out of the fixture.Image

Once the socket is out, use one hand to hold the socket and one to hold the bulb, turn the bulb counter clockwise, pushing it into the socket slightly as you do so.  Remove the dead bulb and replace with a new one.  Push the socket and bulb back into the fixture and replace the metal clip. Voila! you have light! Yay!!!


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